In April 1994, six agencies covering the Modesto Groundwater Subbasin formed the Stanislaus and Tuolumne Rivers Groundwater Basin Association (STRGBA) to provide a forum for coordinated planning and management activities of the Subbasin.  In 2015, the Memorandum of Understanding between the STRGBA members was revised, bringing in the only remaining local agency within the Subbasin - the City of Waterford. 

The current seven participating members of the STRGBA are:

The seven agencies rely on groundwater for some or all of their serve area water needs. These agencies share the groundwater resource and, through the STRGBA, provide coordinated planning to make the best use of groundwater to the mutual interests of the participating agencies. The STRGBA coordinates its planning process with other neighboring water agencies as well as state agencies.

For more information, please contact John Davids (Chairman) at 209-526-7564, or Michael Riddell (Vice-chairman) at 209-869-7128


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City of Oakdale
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